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About Us

Who we are?

Previously known as desktop application, we can build it for the browser. Our team is ready to tackle complex, large-scale applications on pure web standards. Using modern MVC systems we can encapsulate the modules and screens of any application. We can achieve unprecedented scalability and optimization with data services that eliminate redundant trips to the server. This is because we build applications with components that have built-in awareness of data operations, so they know when already-fetched data can be re-used, and they know how to automatically update cached data. And we saved the best for responsiveness is on the house!

Cross-Browser Ready

We provide a clean, clear, object-oriented approach to UI development that shields you from browser bugs and quirks.

Fully Responsive

All applications are mobile ready, designed from the core to adapt on any mobile screen.

Complete Solution

We develop on a complete presentation layer for enterprise applications: the result is full-featured, robust, high-productivity business applications.

Open, Flexible Architecture

We build entirely with standard web technologies, thus our solution integrates perfectly with your existing web content, applications, portals, and portlets.

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We are currently working hard on other projects. If you are interested to join our team, click on careers and fill the candidate profile form.

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what we are doing?

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Responsive Design

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Award Winning

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Loaded Goodies

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